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Professional Seals & Supplies

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All seals are engraved to meet the exact specifications of all local, state and federal guidelines.

*Same layout as Professional Engineer seal.

Professional Seals

Pocket (hand-held) Seal
We offer two different types of seals: pocket (hand-held) and desk. The pocket seal (to left) is lightweight and handy, and is the economical choice for clean, sharp impressions. Seal comes apart to fit into a handy vinyl case for easy carry/storage. The desk model (to right) provides crisp impressions with the least amount of effort. Our LOW price for the desk or pocket seal: $37.99.
Desk Seal

Professional Seals & Supplies

We offer a variety of professional seals, stamps and accessories.

Circular Hand Rubber Stamp
To be used with an ink pad.
Stamp:    $28.00
Felt stamp pad:   $3.50
Circular Stamp N53
Copy area 1 9/16" diameter (will only accomodate seals up to 1 5/8". If your state requires a larger size, this product will not meet your requirements.)
Traditional Self-Inking Circular Notary Stamp.
Protective cover included.   $41.95
Replacement Ink for Stamps
Need a refill? We have ink refills in black, red, blue, green, and purple for XStamper (N53) circular and (N42) pocket stamps and Ideal Round Self-Inking Stamps.
Ideal ink: $3.75 (2 ounces)
Xstamper Ink: $4.95 (10 cc's)
Felt Stamp Pads
Used to supply ink for rubber stamps, felt pads have a hard surface to give a clean and crisp ink impression. Stocked in black, red, and blue. Size is 2.5" x 4.25".
felt stamp pads

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Package Deal: Seal & Hand Stamp  $59.95
Professional Seal  $37.99
Circular Hand Rubber Stamper  $28.00
Stamp Pad Ink  $3.75
black   red   blue
XStamper Circular Stamp N53  $41.95
(max. size of seal up to 1 5/8")
XStamper Replacement Ink  $4.95
black red blue purple green
Felt Stamp Pad  $3.50
black   red   blue
New York State-only sales tax: 8.75%:
Total price includes $9.00 UPS Shipping. Overnight shipping on some products—call for availability: 1-800-443-8177.


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