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State Filing Fee: $75.00
1. Person or firm being invoiced: No P.O. Boxes please.

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Expedite State Filing
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LLC Name: Please list in order of preference:
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Registered Agent Information: (what is a registered agent?)
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Principal Business Activity

Management Structure of the LLC:

I would like the LLC to be managed by the members.
Note: If management is by the members, then each member participates in the management of the company.
I would like the LLC to be managed by a manager(s).
Note: If the management of the LLC is vested in a manager (or managers), state statutes typically require the articles of organization to state this fact.
Member/Manager 1


Member/Manager 2


Member/Manager 3


Member/Manager 4


Calculation of Fees
Total Cost for Incorporation
  HUBCO LLC Incorporation Service Fee $99.95
  State Filing Fee $75.00
  State Expediting Fee (Optional) $
  Registered Agent Fee (Optional) $
  Overnight Service to/from Secretary of State
Yes, I'm in a rush. Please overnight the documents to and
from the Secretary of State. ($44.00 per state)
No, I'm not in a rush. Please send document first-class mail
to and from the Secretary of State. No additional fee.
Executive LLC Outfit (LLC Seal included) $
LLC Seal $

  UPS Shipping of Your Filed Documents to You $11.00

Total $

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238 West Jerico Turnpike
Huntington Station, NY 11746

  NO, I do not need a corporation specialist to contact me, please process immediately. Information on how to obtain your Federal Tax ID number (SS-4) will be emailed to you upon submitting this order
 YES, please have a corporation specialist contact me as soon as possible to confirm my order before processing.
This will delay proccessing your order until we can contact you.

Additional Comments:

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By clicking "Yes, I agree" below, I certify that neither HUBCO nor any of its employees or agents have provided me with any personal counsel, legal or financial advice. I hereby authorize the formation of the limited liability company, and if credit card information has been provided, I further authorize the charging of my credit card. Note: If you do not agree, HUBCO cannot file for you.
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